Jeffrey Dahmer an American serial killer and sex offender

Jeffrey Dahmer, an American serial killer and sex offender, was born on the 21st of May 1960. Between 1978 between the years of 1978 and 1991, Dahmer killed 17 men in shockingly horrific ways. The rape, dismemberment, necrophilia, and cannibalism were aspects of his method of execution.

Most accounts suggest that Dahmer enjoyed an ordinary childhood. However, Dahmer became more withdrawn and incommunicative as he grew older. He showed little or any desire for hobbies or social interactions when he reached adolescence and resorted to looking at carcasses of animals and drinking heavily to entertain himself. The drinking continued through high school but didn’t hinder his graduation in 1978. Just three weeks later that Jeffrey was killed for the first time. Because of the escalating divorce of his parents during the summer, Jeffrey was left in his parent’s home on his own. He took the chance to take action on the thoughts of despair that had been forming within his mind. He took a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and offered to bring him back to his father’s home to enjoy a beer. However, when Hicks was about to leave, Dahmer hit him in the back of his head with a 10-pound. Dumbbell. Dahmer dissected, dissolved the dumbbell, crushed it, and scattered the ominous remains across his backyard, after which he admitted that he killed him because Dahmer wanted Hicks to remain. Nine years passed before Dahmer killed another time.

Dahmer was a student at the college in the autumn but could not attend due to a drinking addiction. His father then made him join the military, and he was a combat medic in Germany from 1979 until 1981. However, he didn’t quit his habit and was dismissed in the spring of 1981 and sent back to his home in Ohio. When his drinking continued to create issues, his father sent him to stay with his grandmother and grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin. In 1985, he began in gay bathhouses, where he would inject people and rape them as they lay in a state of unconsciousness. Even though he was arrested twice for naked exposure in the year 1982 as well as in 1986, the only punishment was probation, and he was not charged with the sexual assaults.

Steven Tuomi was his second victim, murdered in the fall of 1987. Dahmer took him to an establishment and returned him to the hotel room. He awoke the following day to find Tuomi’s battered dead body. The man later claimed that he did not have any memory of murdering Tuomi, which suggested that he committed the crime due to some impulsive blacked-out. The murders occurred in sporadic intervals after Tuomi was killed, including two victims who died in 1988, another after 1989, then four deaths in 1990. Dahmer continued to lure men out of bars or entice prostitutes, who he later took drugs, raped, and killed. In the meantime, Dahmer began performing alarming actions using their bodies and continued to make use of the bodies to have sexual relations and to take pictures of the process of dismemberment, keeping with precision his victims’ skulls as well as the genitals to display and even keeping the parts to be consumed.

During this time, Dahmer was arrested for an incident at work within the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory, where Dahmer was sex-drugged and sexually touched an unidentified 13-year-old. In exchange, he received five years of probation and one year in an in-patient work release program and was also required to be registered as a sex offender. The man was discharged two months before from the work-related program and was relocated to the Milwaukee apartment in May 1990. Despite his regular visits with his probation officer, he was still at liberty to be convicted of four murders in the year that he was released and eight additional murders in 1991.

Dahmer started killing one person per week by the end of 1991. He was obsessed with the notion that he could transform his victims into “zombies” to make them sexually attractive and youthful partners. He employed various methods, including drilling holes in their skulls and injecting boiling or hydrochloric acid waters into the brains of his victims. Then, the neighbors started complaining about odd sounds and the smell emanating from Dahmer’s house. One time the victim who was lobotomized and left alone walked out into the street to ask people around him for help. However, when Dahmer returned, Dahmer was able to convince police that the insanity-prone young man was just his highly intoxicated partner. The police officers did not investigate his background, which would have exposed Dahmer’s sexual offender status, which allowed him to get away with his crime for a short time.

On the 22nd of July in 1991, Dahmer attracted Tracy Edwards into his home by offering cash as a reward for his business. In the house, Edwards was then forced into the bedroom by Dahmer using a butcher knife. In the midst of the fight, Edwards could escape and get out onto the streets, and he spotted the police vehicle. As the officers arrived at the Dahmer’s home, Edwards alerted them to the knife in the bedroom. When they entered the bedroom, officers discovered images of dead bodies and dismembered limbs, which allowed the police to put Dahmer on the run. A further investigation into the house revealed an uncut head inside the fridge, three other skulls that were severed throughout the home as well as numerous photographs of victims, and even more remains inside the refrigerator. Seven heads were discovered in his house, and human remains were inside the freezer. An altar was also erected with human skulls and candles inside the closet. After being detained, Dahmer confessed and began disclosing the grisly information about his crime to authorities.

Dahmer was arrested on 15 murder charges. The trial began on the 30th of January 1992. Although the evidence against Dahmer was overwhelming, Dahmer admitted to insanity as a defense because of the severity of his violent and inexplicably unpredictable behavior. After two weeks of trial, the judge declared him insane and found him guilty of 15 murder charges. It sentenced him to 15 years of life and a total of 957 years of prison. In May of that following year, his lawyer entered into a guilty plea for killing the first victim, Stephen Hicks, and received another life sentence.

Dahmer spent his time in his home at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. In jail, Dahmer apologized for his actions and even wished for his demise. Dahmer also studied his Bible and declared that he was to be a born-again Christian and was awaiting the final verdict. He was twice attacked by fellow prisoners, with the first attempt cutting his neck and leaving him with just a few superficial cuts. He was also attacked another time on the 28th of November of 1994 by an inmate who took care of cleaning the showers in prison. Dahmer was still alive but passed away in the process of getting to the hospital after suffering severe head trauma.

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