Nothing Is Wasted

Nothing Is Wasted – When Mike Noland was diagnosed with a disease, Jody considered quitting her new ministry, which was to help clients write letters to loved family members. It was an enormous undertaking and, at times, a struggle. Following his death she was able to give up for some time.

Nothing Is Wasted
Nothing Is Wasted

Devastated and devastated and depressed, she gave up the fantasy that had intrigued her as well as filled her with optimism. After she realized how a small workbook could make an impact on an individual’s life however, her dream was ignited. Despite the many tragic events she’d experienced and endured, she was bound to bear.

The price of not doing this was too high. Jody had seen it through the eyes of the stepdaughter of her who wouldn’t have the peace that others could feel. The idea that she could help others escape suffering was the reason that kept Jody active. “God isn’t wasteful,” she told me in an interview on one of the phone calls, recalling her time at IBM before quitting to assist her husband in growing his business and have children. Each of them was a factor in the direction she is now.

In those days working at IBM, Jody was in the position of providing evaluations of performance to employees. She would be sure to praise and acknowledge the qualities she observed in employees even when giving tough feedback. “I always tried to look beneath the surface,” she recalled.

She was looking to move beyond the standard “What did you do to help me lately?” conversation. “To me it was an obvious act you’d give to people . . . However, I soon realized just how rare it is.” With her seminars and speaking engagements, Jody helps people see aspects of the people they cherish that they might otherwise be unable to express. Jody is, in essence using the power of affirmation that she acquired at IBM.

After seven years at the nonprofit sector I am able to relate. Everything is worth it. Any job, any project, or obstacle is wasted provided we consider how it fits in with our purpose. There were times when I felt annoyed that I had to complete some task or reply to another email. It was like I was being stifled. However, I’m now aware of the reality. There’s never a moment that passes that I don’t apply some of the skills that I learned in the seven years. This was all about preparing for the future.

If you are pursuing your own career path, you’ll be amazed at the way your experiences in the past will guide you to your purpose in life. All you need to do is to be attentive. The process of listening to your life starts by doing what nobody wants to do, and that’s the choices Larry Elliott chose to do and what Mike Noland chose not to do.

It is important to think about the possibility of your death. When the time comes when you die, what do you regret not doing? What do you wish you could have done with more time and what would have seemed insignificant? Consider what you are afraid of losing — those are the things that matter the most. One method to increase your awareness is to observe the lives of others.

Take note of people who live their lives with passion and watch what they are doing. What are they doing that you do not? We can gain a lot from what may initially appear to be jealousy, and more specifically, what you’re not getting. You may have to witness another person’s life before you can truly love your own.

The love of one another is what holds everything together, and what gives an idea when there is nothing else that can. It’s not just a matter of jealousy, at least not in the event that we take it a step further and work to deal with these feelings. In a sense we have to be children again, observing and listening to othersand imitating the manner of behavior we admire , so that we are able to grow. The daily examples of those who didn’t let their goals, but persevered through the challenges that they faced will motivate you to keep going.

If Doubt is a Concern, commit

I hope that it is clear that this isn’t an involuntary process. You have to commit to your path. This won’t be straightforward. Today there is problems with commitment. Everywhere you go, that there is an absence of commitment, or following through. Leaders avoid responsibility.

Politians attack for the “other side.” Some are prone to shifting from one position to the next, never commitment to any one of them. At some point it is all a struggle to do the work required to discover our purpose. We’re used to trying something for a period of six months or several years before going on to the next thing.

Nothing Is Wasted
Nothing Is Wasted

However, a profession isn’t as simple as this. It’s not something you attempt and then become. If we don’t do this not give all of ourselves to the task that we were created to do, we’re doing the world and ourselves a disservice. The need for commitment is essential.

It helps us exchange immediate gratification for a long-term rewards and also shows us that change can take time. As we learn this habit of sticking with the course the character of our characters grows. It’s the result of patience, the pleasure of witnessing something develop which wouldn’t have happened were you not spending many years adhering to it. But it’s not all about commitment, it’s about perseverance.

It’s impossible to find that passion in you if don’t work through hardship. This is what I’ve learned through Jody Noland as well as the findings of Viktor Frankl’s research that discovery is a result of dedication. We need to seek out the meaning of our struggles with a positive perspective, and choose to see the better good despite the evils of this world.

Otherwise, the problems confronting us will be able to take over us, leading us to a life of despair and regret. It is not possible to get caught in the enchantment of the future, we need to keep moving forward, pressing through when the difficult times hit. There will, naturally some failures and with that comes lessons to be taken into consideration.

At times, you may commit to the wrong thing, which is fine, because it’s better than the alternative–nothing. A commitment to something that isn’t right is much better than standing in a stalemate. Another option that is popular is to never commit to any thing.

In order to keep looking for alternatives you should wait until the very last minuteto move from one thing to another, and avoid committing to anything that might entrap you. This may feel like freedom, but , in reality just another shackle.

If you’re surrounded by endless possibilities, staying put appears to be the most secure option. In a state of fear and anxiety, many opt for that– to stay put and remain in their place. If it’s a position as a barista, or a promising job in the corporate ladder, we accept it.

Since the alternative — a costly trip of discovery — is too frightening to think about. This is the reality. Risk of not making a decision is much greater than the expense of making the wrong decision. Since when you fail, you are learning.

But what happens if you fail to commit, or when you decide not to act? Well, nothing. If you stop without intention and stop because of anxiety, you won’t know anything. Each mistake builds your character and builds your resiliency, preparing you for the next challenge. In the end, failure can be a friend disguised as an adversary.

Let’s face it, however. Contrary to the claims of self-help books, failing isn’t easy. It can be painful. Regaining yourself from the floor with one rejection after the next is difficult after an amount of time.

If we can endure, and to look for the hidden beauty in the scars of failure, we will learn by learning from the mistakes we made. We can conquer our challenges and transform tragedy into victory. It is possible to celebrate the setbacks and challenges those that seemed like a daunting task, knowing they’re all indications that we’re on our path.


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