Your Life Is Speaking

Your Life Is Speaking
Your Life Is Speaking

A lot of people go about their lives without knowing what they are doing by blindly following the desires that the universe offers. They believe that those who succeed appear to have exceptional talent. But what if fulfilling your dream wasn’t just a privilege only available to those who are elite? What if you had to do to live your life living fully? What would you do? Pay attention to your life—Frederick Buechner’s suggestion.
An author who worked for a large portion of his career as a school teacher and the other part as a minister realized that finding your calling is not about grand discoveries but more about a pattern of being aware. “See it for the unfathomable mystery that it is,” the author wrote. “In the pain and boredom of it, no less than in the joy and excitement feel, touch and smell your way into the sacred and secret heart of it all because at the end of the day, every moment is a crucial one . . .” 8. Buechner said that awareness doesn’t happen by itself but must be nurtured. If you’re aware of what you do and learn from it, has to provide, you’ll no longer be so confused.
Your story will appear less like a series of disconnected things and more like an intricate story unfolding before your eyes. You’ll be able to see each disappointment, setback, or discontent as more significant than what appears to be. Maybe while you listen to it, your life will talk to you. It might call to you in the morning or evening and inform you what you’re meant to accomplish with your talents or passions and your talents.

The voice you hear could aid you in understanding what’s happened to you and might even provide direction. Perhaps it will reveal a new story or subject you’ve never thought of before. The key isn’t always what the voice will say. Of course, it’s essential, but it’s not in your control. It’s important to pay attention.
In this world of distractions, that’s precisely what we tend not to do. We’d instead purchase an ebook or sign up to attend a seminar or attend a gathering to teach us. Do this step. Follow the plan. Be sure to adhere to these six principles. However, as Buechner stated, these experiences are not suitable alternatives to understanding the “fathomless mysteries” of life. We’ve been raised to believe that everything could be possible, our unlimited possibilities and that we’re entitled to our dreams.

Perhaps finding your purpose may not be as simple as we think.
Everyone wants to start with the ability of the things we can do. However, when has it been that you’ve considered the things you can do? It’s a fact that people are constantly doing things that make them look like they’re awestruck. The call goes over your capabilities and puts into question your abilities. Once the journey is over, you’re shocked. Even though you might be an astronaut or newspaper deliveryman doesn’t suggest you must.
Every person is accountable to perform not only the things she’s capable of but also does what she’s expected to accomplish. In the words of the writer and activist Parker Palmer, don’t just declare what you’d like to achieve with it to the world. Listen to what it is trying to tell you about yourself. 3. Here’s how to do it practically. Please look at the most significant moments in your life and record them on paper. Write down everything you can recall, including the items that appear odd or unimportant but spring to mind for some reason.

Do not try to figure out the meaning; write everything you think about in your list. Once you’ve completed the top of your list, search for an underlying theme, a common theme. Do you recognize how one incident, with no plan or intention from your side, affected an event that was not planned? What happened when that late-night trip to the restaurant led to meeting the person you’ve always wanted to be with? What happened to a string of unproductive internships that affected your career choice? You’ll notice an overall theme, the main thread that links the whole thing together.
Do you think it will be evident in the beginning? Sure, but not immediately. This is only the beginning. However, there’s less excitement to this particular process than we believe. Although a mystery, your life is trying to communicate something with you. Are you listening?

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